Pitstop in Fresno, CA

We decided to stop at The Piccadilly Inn, Fresno, as it was a half way point between San Francisco and our next destination… Las Vegas baby!! Not to mention that we were also absolutely shattered, and just needed to recharge our batteries. I decided to take the time in Fresno to reflect on my experiences so far, because the past 5 days had just been hectic!

Fresno itself was the most spacious city I’d visited in the US so far, with the roads through the town looking like highways. There wasn’t anything “touristy” for us to do, because we were just surrounded by locals which was actually really refreshing to see. We spent the remainder of our day soaking up the well needed sun, and spending time with our new friends that we had made. The tour guide also set up some light nibbles, so we could all to get to know each other, which was really lovely. We spent the remainder of the afternoon laughing, dancing and making great friendships which I still have to this day.

I also had my first afternoon nap… in years! American hotels tend to have MASSIVE beds, and we both had a king size bed each, so I was loving life. For dinner, we took a walk over to Domino’s, and treated ourselves to a pizza each. I, of course, had Texas BBQ.


Like I said, whilst in Fresno I reflected on my experiences so far…

Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to move to America, but I had never been. At first, I wanted to move to New York and become a singer on Broadway… so cliche I know. It then changed, and I decided I wanted to move to L.A, and that was one of the reasons we decided to do this tour of the US!

From seeing San Francisco, Yosemite and travelling to Fresno I was in love with the country already. One thing that I noticed was that everybody was so friendly, even all of the retail workers who were probably sick to death of tourists. Although, after speaking to some of my American friends at University, they’ve told me how everyone is incredibly fake. But the grass is always greener, hey?

I was having the time of my life, and couldn’t wait for the next stop – Sin City! Although under 21, I wasn’t going to let that stop me having the time of my life in Vegas. Prepare yourself for lots of amazing pictures!



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