Hello Sin City

It is pretty much impossible for me to sum up my experiences in Las Vegas in just one blog post, so I’m going to attempt to explain everything in three. Now, where do I start?! I must admit visiting Las Vegas previously never appealed to me, but now I’m already planning my second visit for my 21st. What many people think is that you need to be able to drink and gamble in order to have a good time, but that is far from true. The crazy place has way more to offer than that. When heading to Vegas, I asked the tour guide, “What’s Las Vegas like?” but after visiting I’ve realised that nobody’s explanation will do the place justice, you need to see it for yourself.

What really got me was the fact you drive for hours through the Nevada Desert seeing nothing but sand and shrubs…


… then suddenly you’re surrounded by flashing lights and towering buildings. The Las Vegas strip is absolutely mesmerising, driving down it for the first time I look to my left and see The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop (from Pawn Stars) and I look to my right and see an Elvis Presley chapel. I now understand why so many people drunkenly tie the knot in Vegas, there’s more chapels than fast food restaurants… and that’s saying something.

Our Hotel

The Vegas Strip is full of out-of-this-world hotels, not to mention that the architecture is immense. You can expect to see a castle, the New York skyline and an Egyptian pyramid all on the same stretch of road. We stayed in The Luxor, which is a hotel in the shape of a pyramid. It towers over 30 stories high, and has way over 4,000 rooms. The Luxor, just like every other hotel in Vegas doubles as a casino… and shopping centre… and chapel… and food court. It’s so big that a group of guys recorded themselves running a relay race around the hotel, which went viral. Don’t believe me? Take a look.


Our hotel room was fit for a king. My mum and I both had our own king size beds, and the hotel room overlooked one of the many hotel swimming pools. Although the hotel was amazing, I couldn’t wait to get out and explore.


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