The city that never sleeps

Las Vegas is an adults playground. Instead of swings there’s roller coasters, and instead of sweets there’s booze. What once was wasteland of the Mojave Desert, is now a pulsating vibrant city. When in Vegas we tried to cram as much in as possible, and the few days were pretty hectic!

What amazes me is the fact you can walk from one hotel to another, without actually stepping foot outside. Throughout the hotel’s there are travelators which will transport you from being inside a pyramid to a castle… it’s bloody brilliant.

After hours of persuasion, I finally got my mum to agree with going on the roller coaster that surrounds The New York New York Hotel. I haven’t laughed so much in my life. Whilst in the queue, I read a sign that said “WARNING: Do not ride if you have high blood pressure.” and I panicked… my mum has high blood pressure. I turned into a nervous wreck,  and my head flooded with thoughts… what if I my mum dies… I would’ve killed my own mother. She thought it was hilarious, and teased me by saying she’s just written her will which didn’t settle my panic at all. As we got towards the front of the line my nerves settled down, as I realised that I wasn’t nervous for my mum, I was simply hiding my own nerves. The roller coaster itself was a jolty old thing, but had some fabulous (upside down) views of the Vegas Strip. It’s definitely worth it.

Two of  my all-time favourite photos were taken on that roller coaster…

Notice how calm and collected we look in the first photograph, and well, not so much in the second.

Las Vegas does everything 11/10, and then some. The fountains at the Bellagio are stunning, my mouth was glued open because of how much I was smiling. Not to mention how breathtaking The Venetian is. Picture this: a man sings to you on a gondola whilst sailing through a shopping centre, in a hotel. It looks like you’re outside, there’s rainfall, but actually it’s indoors. That’s how extra Vegas is.


David Copperfield @ The MGM 

Whilst in Vegas my mum insisted that we had to watch a show. Apparently it’s tradition. I got to choose who to see, and I was given the option between ‘O’ Cirque de Soleil and David Copperfield. Although ‘O’ looked brilliant, I was always intrigued my illusionists and thought I’d be able to suss David Copperfield’s tricks out… oh boy was I wrong.

The venue, The MGM Grand, is exactly what it says on the tin. Grand. The casino was humongous, and full of drunk lads on stag do’s. What many people think is that if you’re under 21 you cannot step foot in a casino, but that’s not true. You’re just not allowed to pass the lines marked out beside the machines, otherwise that’s known as “loitering”. Anyway, back to Mr Copperfield…

I don’t want to ruin the show for anybody, just in case you do go and watch it for yourself, but let me just say that your brain will hurt. We were sat in the front row, and I thought I’d be able to see fishing wire and trap doors but I couldn’t fault it. He made a T-Rex appear from nowhere. I was so inspired that I went home and dug out my old magic kit, I’m not as good as Mr Copperfield but it was worth a shot.

Although Vegas is crammed with tourists, it is the cleanest place in the U.S. I’ve visited. I couldn’t see trash anywhere, apart from the countless Elvis Presley impersonators.

I could’ve stayed on the Strip for days walking through all of the hotels, but since we were so close to some of the worlds wonders like The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, we had to get out of Vegas and do some more sightseeing.




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